Apps in the Classroom (Children with Autism)

I have posted a link to my latest session on iOS apps that work well with students on the Autism spectrum.  I have linked them below and I encourage you to download them and use in your classroom.

Apps in the Classroom (Children with Autism)


Autism Tracker Lite (Free, Full Version $9.99)

Visual Cue Lite (Free, Full Version $9.99)

Now What (Free)


Popple Lite (Free, Full Version $4.99)

A Novel Idea (Free)

iA Writer ($4.99)


Take Back Math (Free, Additional Versions $4.99)

Algebra Champ (Free)

Algebra Pro-Complete Workbook With Show Me Lessons (Free)

Math Pack Flash Cards (Free, Full Version 99¢)

Figurative Language

New Animal Metaphors & Idioms Lite (Free, Full Version $1.99)

English Idioms Illustrated (Free)

Idioms Lite (Free, Full Version $2.99)


Eye Contact - Toy Box ($2.99)

Hidden Curriculum for Kids ($1.99)

Super Duper "What are they Thinking?" ($1.99)

Autism & PDD Concepts Lite (Free, Full Version $14.99)

Receptive Comprehension

Autism & PDD Reasoning & Problem Solving Lite (Free, Full Version $14.99)

Questions2Learn Lite (Free, Full Version $5.99)

QuestionIT Lite (Free, Full Version $24.99)

WH Question Cards: Who, What, When, Where, Why (Free, Full Version $7.99)


                                                                                                                                              Photo by Geww

Posted on December 11, 2013 .