82 Educational Apps For Your Classroom

Thanks for attending our session. Please take this handout and share it with as many of your fellow teachers as possible. Click on the image below to download the handout.



35 Affordable, Free, and Effective Tech Tools to Knock it out of the PARCC

Thanks for attending our session. Please take this handout and share it with as many of your fellow teachers as possible. The more information we can spread about PARCC preparation, the more prepared our students will be. Click on the image below to download the conference handout. 


Upper Cumberland K-5 Mathematics Partnership

K-5 Mathematics Partnership Survey

Thanks for coming!  I hope you found this session informative and thought-provoking.  Here are the links we discussed: 

Establishing Goals

Common Core Standards

TN Core

North Carolina Unpacking Standards

Assessment Evidence

Math Task Bank

K-5 Math Teaching Resources

Georgia Performance Tasks

 Learning Activities

IXL Math

Online Math Learning

Howard County Schools Activities and Assessments

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Common Core Videos Aligned to State Standards

Below you will find a link to the SOUTHEAST COMPREHENSIVE CENTER video series that focuses on Common Core State Standards. These videos are designed to support teachers in the implementation of Common Core, and provide examples that help enhance understanding. This is a great resource for both pre-service and in-service teachers! I encourage you to watch these videos.


Apps in the Classroom (Children with Autism)

I have posted a link to my latest session on iOS apps that work well with students on the Autism spectrum.  I have linked them below and I encourage you to download them and use in your classroom.

Apps in the Classroom (Children with Autism)


Autism Tracker Lite (Free, Full Version $9.99)

Visual Cue Lite (Free, Full Version $9.99)

Now What (Free)


Popple Lite (Free, Full Version $4.99)

A Novel Idea (Free)

iA Writer ($4.99)


Take Back Math (Free, Additional Versions $4.99)

Algebra Champ (Free)

Algebra Pro-Complete Workbook With Show Me Lessons (Free)

Math Pack Flash Cards (Free, Full Version 99¢)

Figurative Language

New Animal Metaphors & Idioms Lite (Free, Full Version $1.99)

English Idioms Illustrated (Free)

Idioms Lite (Free, Full Version $2.99)


Eye Contact - Toy Box ($2.99)

Hidden Curriculum for Kids ($1.99)

Super Duper "What are they Thinking?" ($1.99)

Autism & PDD Concepts Lite (Free, Full Version $14.99)

Receptive Comprehension

Autism & PDD Reasoning & Problem Solving Lite (Free, Full Version $14.99)

Questions2Learn Lite (Free, Full Version $5.99)

QuestionIT Lite (Free, Full Version $24.99)

WH Question Cards: Who, What, When, Where, Why (Free, Full Version $7.99)


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