Donors Choose Grant Project

Today we learn the basics of grant writing. We will cover what you need to know to get started receiving funds for your classroom. How to find funds, identify a need, and developing a plan of action will be discussed.  This assignment will give you an opportunity to write for a fictional Donors Choose grant. A winner will be selected. 

Donors Choose:

Donors Choose is the easiest way to receive funds for your classroom. This assignment will teach you how to use and apply for a Donors Choose grant. 

Donors Choose Explained:

Currently, Donors Choose works on a point system. When you sign up for an account, you receive three points. You spend the points to apply for projects. Here's the points value:

1 Point: $400 or less
2 Points: $401-$2000
3 Points: A class visitor
3 Points: A class trip up to $1200
4 Points: A class trip $1200 or more
4 Points: $2001 or more
6 Points: A special request outside the approved directory of Donors Choose. 

How do they keep you honest?

You lose points if you don't send a thank you package on time, or you fail to confirm that you still want the materials for your project when it is funded. If you project is not funded, you will NOT lose a point. 

What do you need to do to apply? 

First, you need a catchy title. 

Second, you need to shop and compile your list.

Third, you need to explain how the items you receive will benefit your classroom. 

The application (Assignment).

Section one: You will need to create a one sentence hook that brings people to your project. This sentence must start with "My students need."

Section two: Write two or three sentences that will grab the attention of the donor. This is where you creativity will make your project stand out from the rest. 

Section three: Write three paragraphs explaining who your students are and important demographic information. 

Section four: Discuss how you will use each item on the list, and how the parts are needed to complete the whole project.

Section five: Write a one paragraph conclusion. 

If your project is funded, you will need to write three paragraphs and include six pictures of how your project was a success. The pictures will need to show students using the material and engaging in activities. You will also need to conclude your document with "with gratitude" and then your name. 

 Directory of approved vendors:

Teachers' School Supply       ABC School Supply      Abilitations       AKJ Books

Amazon    Best Buy  Blick Art Materials      Cannon Sports

Carolina Biological Supply Company    CDW     Childcraft Education    Britannica Digital Learning

Frey Scientific    Grainger    Kaplan Early Learning Company       Lakeshore Learning

Nasco    Quill    Sargent-Welch   Sax Arts & Crafts

Scholastic Classroom Magazines   School Specialty    Sportime

TIME for Kids

Woodwind & Brasswind


Donors Choose Example

Posted on August 20, 2014 .