Researchers have discovered that using different types of music in your classroom will not only affect the mood but will also increase their cognitive ability. In a 20-year study, researchers at The National Academy for Child Development discovered playing Baroque style music increases student’s learning potential. Music can be used to block ambient noises such as florescent lights and chatter in the hall. In this lesson we are going to look at editing music so that as a teacher you are able to develop a classroom soundtrack that will foster intellectual growth.  

Ideas for using GarageBand in the classroom

To create background music for their digital movies

To produce a podcast about current events

To create accompaniments for their music recordings

To compose their own songs, including vocal recordings

To write melodies to accompany slideshows of poems and artwork

To learn musical notation

To capture and assess oral readings

To record an audio conference with a subject matter expert

Have students create their own soundtrack for a play
Edit their music for a dance or social Expose students to different types of music Create an audio book
Record a Radio Show Many more...