While one of the more difficult tasks in Foed 3010, students are truly excited when it comes to developing an educational movie for their final project. There are a variety of ways of using student and teacher created movies in the classroom. Children of all ages enjoy making a creating educational movies. In using iMovie in your classroom you are not only teaching students how to make a movie, but you are teaching them the value and time spent in creating a project. Students are proud of their hard work and have an apperication for how much effort goes into Hollywood films.

Directions for the movie will be discussed in class. Below you will find the rubric that will be used to evaluate your movie. Lights, Camera, ACTION!

iMovie Rubric

Ideas for using iMovie in the classroom

Create a digital book summary

To produce a videocast about current events

To create a movie that depicts different parts of speech

Slideshow from the Zoo

Use to create a movie that depicts proper classroom behavior

Create a sigh language movie

To capture and assess oral readings

To record a conference with a subject matter expert

Have students record and edit their school play
Create a movie on life skills

Expose students to different types of culture by creating video documentaries

Create a video field trip
Record a Radio/TV Show video of students presenting proper behavior

 Many more


 Introduction to iMovie








Still Photos

 Sound and Music


 Advanced Features 

 Green Screen