The incorporation of visual stimuli in your lessons will increase your effectiveness as a teacher. An example of this would be taking a picture of a pie. Then dividing the pie into six different pieces and taking a picture of each piece. Using this visual representation will help students understand abstract concepts like fractions. In iPhoto, we will look at using photography in the classroom.

Ideas for using iPhoto in the classroom
Using Photos as a seating chart Use pictures to make a virtual tour Make stickers
Create a Student of the week Take pictures of various staff members Use pictures to make a map of the school (K)
Take pictures of local officials Create a slide show for open house Take a picture and have students write about it
Take a photo of each letter of the alphabet (K) Create a bitmap of a famous place and have students import themselves on the image so they look like they are there Photo classroom procedures
Make a weekly newsletter Add photos to your web site Use iPhoto to make a book
Take photos of your students and make a calendar Make post cards of your students Many more...


While we use iPhoto in the classroom, there are several other photo editors that do a great job in managing, editing, and creating slide shows. For users that do not have access to iPhoto, you can download Google's Picasa. It's as effective and in some cases better than iPhoto in managing your photo library. Below I have posted a short video that will walk you through the process of creating a slide show in Picasa. In class we will use iPhoto to create a slide show. 

Picasa Slideshow from Jason Beach on Vimeo.


1.) Find and address a state standard
2.) On your title page include the standard you are addressing
3.) Download 10-12 photos that help teach the standard
4.) Include captions on each photo
5.) Export your slide show and submit it to the dropbox in the content management system.

Picasa practice file

To export your movie click the folder entitled export at the bottom (middle) of the screen.