One of the easiest and most effective ways to communicate with your parents and guardians is through a webpage. Many school systems offer their teachers a website, but it is often difficult to navigate or hard to use. One solution is to choose a free website solution like Blogger , Wordpress , or Google Sites. The problem with these three programs is that they are designed for a default webpage that is not really suited for a teacher. 

Another solution is TeacherWeb. TeacherWeb is designed for teachers and only focuses on what a teacher needs in their classroom. There is a minor cost associated with TeacherWeb ($39), but their ease of use and what they offer is well worth the nominal cost.

For today's assignment we will create a TeacherWeb web page. Below you will find step-by-step directions on creating a TeacherWeb web page.

TeacherWeb Intro from Jason Beach on Vimeo.

TeacherWeb 2 from Jason Beach on Vimeo.

TeacherWeb 3 from Jason Beach on Vimeo.

Your TeacherWeb page will need to include:
1.) A professional picture on your about the teacher page as well as your current disposition statement and misson for your class.  

2.) Fictional homework assignments that reflect the grade level and content area that you would like to teach.

3.) A Photo/Docs (rename it Handouts) page with the Bugsheet worksheet and State Capitals worksheet available for download.

4.) A supply list that contains items needed for the first day of school.

5.) A Calendar that represents the key dates during your student teaching.

6.) A links page that includes Tennessee State Department of Education, Tennessee State Board of Education, & TTU's Office of Teacher Education. You will also need to add 3 educational links that you would use during your student teaching.

7.) A response page (rename it Quiz) that has 2 T/F and 3 Multiple choice questions. Pick a grade level and content area that you enjoy.

8.) Add two worksheets that are related to the grade level and content area of your quiz questions.

9.) A gallery page that contains 3 pictures. If you use pictures from Google make sure you site the website the webpage it was taken from. Create a secure gallery with 5 pictures. 

10.) A FAQ page (rename it Classroom Rules) that contains 3-5 rules that you will enforce in your classroom. Make sure your rules are presented in the form of a question.

Example--Question: Can I run down the hall when I change classes? Answer: No. Running in a confined area with groups of students is dangerous.