Flashcards is a free app available on the iPhone,  iPad, iPod or on the web, powered by Brainscape.  Brainscape uses repetition, active recall, and metacognition to insure that the person using the app understands what he or she is doing.  Teachers and students can use the app to create flashcards.  Teachers can create flashcards for students to use to study for upcoming tests.  Students can also create their own flashcards. Users are able to bookmark certain cards that they might be having trouble understanding so they can make sure that they come back to that card.  Users are also able to discard cards that they have mastered.  Users are able to choose the order that they wish the cards to be viewed and the orientation.  This app could be used in all subject areas and for any grade level.  The flashcards can be shared with others very easily either by email or dropbox. 

Getting Started:

The teacher or student has to set up a Brainscape account which is free.  They can set up the account by either using an email address or their Facebook account.  Once they sign up they will be asked to create their flashcards.  They can create their own subject or they can choose from different subject areas that are already created for them, some are free and others cost.  In order to purchase anything you have to add a credit card.  The different categories are: All, Test Prep, Foreign Language, and Knowledge Junkie. When creating your own you can create in simple or advanced.  In the simple one you are able to add terms and then define them.  In the advance you are able to do the same as the simple with the added features of adding images and sound. 

How it Works:

The user sees the front of the flashcard and then they choose when to see the back of the flashcard.  Once they have seen the back they are asked to rate their understanding on a scale from 1(not at all) to 5(perfectly).  Based on your confidence level of that specific card will determine how often that card reappears.  The more confident you become about a specific card the less you will see it.  By doing this they are making sure that the user not only gains the knowledge but retains the knowledge. 

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Posted on November 3, 2014 .