Subtext is a free digital reading app that you can download from the iTunes app store. It is compatible with iPhones and iPads. Subtext incorporates Common Core instruction and focuses on the importance of reading goals. It allows K-12 teachers to embed instruction in digital texts. Subtext supports ePub, PDF, Google Play, and web articles from their collection. This app also has a ‘Save to Subtext’ option. With Subtext, Students are better prepared to analyze the text, make real world connections, and articulate their thoughts. I would use this tool to help students to understand the importance of reading for a purpose.

How it works:

Teachers set up an account through the Subtext app. Then, teachers are able to create private groups to share content, differentiate instruction, and stay organized. After logging in, teachers are able to add digital reading content to carts, add discussions without internet connection, and restrict students’ access to the web. You can double tap a page and get every student on the same page; double tap any word in the text to view its definition. Lastly, you can paste tagged passages or annotations into Google Docs. 

Link to Subtext:

Posted on November 3, 2014 .