Science360 is a free app that provides images and videos that can be used to engage students in science and engineering topics from around the globe. Also, Science360 provides breaking news on topics from NSF, scientists, colleges, universities, and NSF science and engineering centers. This app could be used to help bring in real-world applications to science material taught in the classroom.  As a teacher, I would use this app to bring in visual learning into my everyday lessons. With information being easy to share from this app, students could use app for research and projects as well.  

How it works:

This is app is compatible with iPads. After downloading the app to your iPad, you have the option to start streaming videos and viewing images (if connect to WiFi or 3G connection). The videos and images can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or via email. It is easy to look through content with the app’s 360 view or search for items via keyword with a two finger touch. If you find something you really enjoy, you can save images and videos within the app for fast access with just a single touch.

Link to Science360:

Posted on November 5, 2014 .