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SAS Curriculum Pathways Teacher Edition

SAS Curriculum Pathways Teacher Edition

SAS Curriculum Pathways is a web address with a one stop shop for teachers to find resources for ELA, math, science, social studies and Spanish from elementary to high school.  Once the teacher sets up an account they have access to everything.  The teacher will search by choosing a subject such as ELA.  Then they can break it down even further into categories such as reading skills to media skills.  They can also choose the type such as an interactive tool where the students read and the app records them or web only lessons.  The teacher can also break it down into the level such as ES (elementary), MS (middle) or HS (high).  The teacher can add the different apps they choose to their favorites list.  Once the teacher goes to the app they are asked to set up their class, when they click on set up a class they are asked to acknowledge that they have gave each parent the terms and conditions and that they have signed it and agreed to them.  You also have to keep the terms and conditions on file in case SAS ever needs them for anything.


One of the apps on there is called SAS Reading Records.  This app is suited for all students from students that are below, on, and above their levels and also for ELL.  Once the teacher has added students they are able to give the students their assignments.  The teacher can create their own reading or they can choose from the library.  The library has reading material listed by the Lexile Measure level.  This is the students reading level based on their ability not their grade level.  The lower the number the easier the reading level the higher the number the more difficult the reading level.  The teacher can also choose either English or Spanish for the reading material.  Each reading assignment has quiz options and also the type of reading it is.  Once the student selects the title the material to be read appears on the screen for the student to read out loud to be recorded.  The students then complete the multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions (if there are any) and they also do the retell.        


This would be a really great website for teachers since they are able to reach all subject areas and grade levels.

Posted on December 4, 2014 .