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TED is an app that leads you directly to a myriad of TED Talks videos. TED Talks are becoming frequently viewed in classroom settings. With the TED app, students will be able to view these videos on their own time with just the click of a button. Videos are tagged and can be found easily using the search button.

There is a wide variety of videos, and there is something for every content area. This app would be especially useful for compiling background knowledge on a subject or to relate the content to the students’ lives. For an English classroom, students can search the tag “poetry” and find countless videos to suit their needs.

How it works:

TED is a free app in the iTunes store. The main screen features a variety of videos that are trending. The menu bar along the bottom includes 5 buttons: Featured, Surprise Me, Discover, My Talks, and Search. There is also the option of listening to TED on NPR through the app.

Posted on November 5, 2014 .