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TeacherKit is a free IOS app that helps the teacher stay organized in one place. They can take attendance, record grades, make seating charts, etc.

I would use this app everyday so that I can have everything I need in one place instead of in a ton of places.

Posted on December 7, 2014 .

GradeBook Pro

GradeBook Pro 

GradeBook Pro is an app that is a paperless gradebook. The teacher can record student grades, attendance, and student performance in this app. With the grade section of this app you can apply weighted or point-based scales. Extra credit can be awarded and penalty points can be deducted. With the behavior section the teacher can keep track of performance, participation, preparedness, behavior, conduct, and many others. With the attendance section the teacher can make a student as present, tardy, and absent. With the absent and tardy selections it can be flagged excused or unexcused. The teacher can also attach pictures to each student helping learn the student’s names. Alsop this app is compatible with dropbox so all data can be backed up by dropbox.  This app cost $9.99.


Posted on November 19, 2014 .