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SpellingCity is a free app, with the option to upgrade to a premium membership, used on the iPhone, iPad or web.  The app allows students to do a range of things from learn content area and play games.  Teachers can use this app to help reinforce student understanding of vocabulary words.  I would use this app to make out spelling lists and vocabulary for my students to study.  Weekly when I send home the newsletter I would provide the link for the student to practice their spelling and vocabulary.  The premium membership includes: student progress tracking, custom assignments, vocabulary development and writing practice.  The premium membership can be purchased in the categories of family (up to 5 students) for $29.99, classroom (up to 25 students) for $49.99 or schools (ranging from 26 to over 5000 students) ranging from $1.40/student to $1.95/student. With either the free or premium you are given your own url to share with your students.  When registering if your school is not listed you are able to add your school to the list. 

How it Works:

On your homepage you can put a message to the students and parents, add vocabulary and spelling lists and recommended links.  The students are able to take spelling tests, vocabulary tests, look at flashcards, learn the content and play games.  With the premium package you are able to add students and give each one a username and password to track their progress.  With the basic package students are still able to do the different activities you post on your homepage.


Posted on November 3, 2014 .