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Quizlet is a free app on the Iphone and is free online. Quizlet can be used to study and test yourself. I frequently use Quizlet when I am studying for a vocab quiz in French. The app includes tabs labeled: Flashcards, Learn, Speller, Test, Scatter, and Race. To begin your quizlet set, you will need to fill out all the vocab words and their definitions.

The Flashcard tab can be used to study the vocab. They are like online flashcards. The Learn tab can be used as a fill-in-the-blank game where you fill in either the definition or the word that corresponds with the information provided. The Speller tab speaks a word or defintion and you must type out the information needed. The Test tab will test you with Written, Matching, Multiple Choise, and Filll-in-th-Blank questions. The Scatter tab is a game where you match a word with its defintion. The Race tab is a game where the defintion will scroll across the screen and you must type in the correct vocab word before the defintion reaches the other side.

I frequently use Quizlet to study. I can study on my phone whenever I want because my Quizlet account is both on my phone and online. My German teacher makes a Quizlet set for each chapter, so that we can study the words. We are also required to take the Quizlet test every Friday. Print out our results, and turn it in for a grade.

Posted on November 3, 2014 .