BuzzMath is an application that can be used on the desktop, iPad or Chromebook and is free with the option to upgrade to a premium package at $20 for one month, $40 for three months or a special offer of $40 for one year,.  The app is for students, teachers and parents.  Students can go there and practice with the different activities.  Parents can go on there and set up an account for their child or children.  Teachers can go there and set up an account for all their students.  The app reviews Common Core math for grades 6-8 and NCTM for grades 6-8 also.  The app contains high-quality problems with immediate detailed feedback.  Teachers are given detailed results of student progress that will allow them to guide students learning.  The app is more centered towards the student but has the flexibility to be used by the teacher for introduction or review topics. 

            The teacher is able to create accounts for their students.  Once the teacher creates an account the teacher is asked for their classes and number of students in their class.  The teacher will then get a PDF of the activation codes listed by class.  Once students get their code they only have to use it one time and then each time after that they will just log in with their user name and password. The teacher is able to give assignments to entire classes or just certain students.  Once students log on they will be given a prompt that they have assignments that need to be completed and they can go into them and complete them.  Once they have completed one assignment if they have another they will be directed to that assignment to complete.  When students complete a set number of activities within a topic special missions will be unlocked which relate to math history that challenges students to help mathematicians recover lost knowledge.  Students also have access to BuzzLab that connects the theme of the missions to the storyline and motivates the accrual of gold stars.

            BuzzMath has activities and missions.  Activities on average are 10 pages of practice questions covering a particular concept to help students improve their skills.  They are varied from direct practice to interactive components.  Students must complete the activities with 100% accuracy to unlock missions.  Missions are more challenging problem solving activities that link students to math history and to the BuzzMath storyline.  Students must find solutions on each page in order to move to the next page.  Each mission features a famous mathematician in a fictional storyline that is integrated with mathematical history.  Upon completion of a mission, students collect an object that will help restore lost mathematical knowledge and ultimately the beauty and architecture of BuzzCity.

            Students are able to monitor their progress on their home page by viewing their gold stars total.  Questions are given to students in many different ways but limited multiple choice questions are given.  Students are not given a time limit to complete their activities.  Teachers are able to view student’s reports which include accuracy, completion and the time spent on activities. 

Posted on December 4, 2014 .