Splash Math

Splash Math

Splash Math is an app offered on Chromebook, iPads, PCs, and laptops.  It provides comprehensive coverage of math curriculum with over 300 skills for grades K-5.  It offers self paced math practices, unlimited math worksheets and problems that include grades K-5.  The games offer the students virtual rewards.  The students are given an explanation when they give a wrong answer and they are also given a scratchpad to write work down.  There are 16 topics covered ranging from addition to decimals.  The teacher, parent or school administrator sets up the account and can manage all classrooms from the one account.  At first the person setting up the account is asked to enter the name of the classroom, the grade level and to add the students.  After they have set up the account and entered the students they are asked if they want to download the students login sheets so they may access it any place.  The sheet for the students has their name, the web address, their username and their password.  The graphics on the application are great and very engaging for the students.     

Splash Math gives you a free 30 day trial period.  After the 30 days if you choose to keep using the app you can do the Classroom Edition Standard which allows students to practice on a computer all skills in any 1 grade for $4 per student per year.  The other option is Classroom Edition Premium which allows students to practice on computers or iPads all skills in all 6 grade levels for $7 per student per year.  With both the Standard and the Premium the grade levels offered are from Kindergarten to 5th grade the only difference is that with the Premium students have access to all grade levels.  Other features that come included with the Standard and Premium is explanation for wrong answers, Common Core alignment, personalized and self paced practices, weekly email summary, class progress summary dashboard, skill-wise performance report, student-wise performance report, voice reading of questions, unlimited access to creating classes, roster management, send weekly reports to parents, student avatars, coins and game shop, jungle game, aquarium game, login and password for each student, email support with a response time of 2 days with the Standard and email support with a response time of 24 hours with the Premium.

This would be a good app for a school to purchase for all their students at the beginning of the school year.  If a school had 6 teachers in each grade level K-5 and each class had 25 students that would give the school 900 students.  That would be an expense of $3600.00 per year.  Even if the school didn’t pay for this for the students only $4 per student is not too much to ask parents to pay.  This would give students to extra practice in their math skills at school and also at home.    


Posted on December 4, 2014 .