Math Champ Challenge

Math Champ Challenge

This app is designed for students in grades 4-7 and is aligned with the mathematical Common Core State Standards. It was made to help strengthen understanding of these standards through over 2,500 questions that are based off the standards. At the end of an activity it gives the student instant feedback and suggestions for more practice. The student has the choice of skills to practice and level of difficulty.

There are two different components to this app which are skill builder and game center. In skill builder students are able to practice their math skills in a non-game version. This takes the pressure off of the activities and allows students to focus strictly on improving their skills. They are able to select specific skills and work through them at their own pace. The game center allows students to compete with other students from all over the world through the app. This part of the app is more fast paced and allows students to use their skills to gain badges as rewards. Each game is different and contains questions covering different standards. 

Price: $2.99


Posted on December 4, 2014 .