Reading Raven

Reading Raven is an app that assists students in helping build their reading skills. This app allows students learn to read by using step by step activities that are designed to build a solid foundation for beginning readers. Reading Raven is customizable for each student based on age and reading level. It has self-paced games and activities that make the learning to read process fun for students of all ages. It covers the skills of reading, writing, phonics, letters, spelling, and vocabulary through five extensive lessons with hundreds of individual activities. 

Reading Raven is suggested for ages 3-7. It is made to help students learn to read and strengthen early reading skills. Starting at age three it has self-paced activities from letter matching, to letter tracing and sounds, then working up to word matching. At the suggested age of four but varrying depending on reading level, the lessons go from vocabulary, to word beginnings, to word building, and ending with word spotting. After mastery of those skills the app then focuses on skills like reading aloud, word tracing, and word groups. 

Price: $2.99


Posted on December 4, 2014 .