Martha Speaks Word Spinner

Martha Speaks Word Spinner is an interactive app for children but also is family friendly can be played with family members. The age of children can be age 4 to 7. It costs $1.99 on ITunes but was featured for free from PBS kids free app packet. This app can be used in the classroom to introduce new words to students.Some examples are oral vocabulary skills and storytelling. I plan on using this app to increase my student’s higher frequency words. I would use it as a tool to give more opportunities to help students learn and hear more words they may not have seen before.


Here is how it works:


The app is setup as a board game and the object is to get to the doghouse to win. Along the way the players will spin a spinner to see how many spaces to go and then on the spinner there are mini games to play on each spinner space. Some mini game examples include bucket ball, name 5 things, story sounds, stuff sort, who am I? , and word connector. After each mini game they receive a dog bone with a new word on it and hear the definition of the word.  You can see examples from screen shots below.

Posted on December 8, 2014 .