Wild Kratts Creature Math

Wild Kratts Creature Math is an interactive app recommended for children ages 6-8.  It is based on a PBS television show Wild Kratts. It costs $1.99 on ITunes but was featured for free from PBS kids free app packet. Wild Kratts Creature Math can be used to help teach math concepts of addition and subtraction through an interactive game. Some examples include, learning foundational concepts, formative assessment, and learning about related math to science concepts. I plan on using this program to review addition and subtraction to help them build on this concept in the future. I used this as a reward for the children to encourage learning in my advanced students or students who need more assistance. 

Here is how it works:


Children learn to protect their own wildlife sanctuary by practicing addition and subtraction to gain resources for their Creature Pals. The app can help children learn through being engaged in taking care of the animals. The game will adjust the math problems if the student is getting them all correct. Four individual profiles can be saved the progress of each individual game. It can give the students the ability to feed and take care of animals.


Posted on December 8, 2014 .