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Knowji vocabulary apps are available for ipad and iphone.  There are several different grade levels , and many are common core aligned. The apps contain lists of vocabulary words as well as easy-to-understand definitions, illustrations, and audio pronunciations. The practice sessions  use a “spaced repetition algorithm” that reportedly helps to commit the word  to long-term memory, and there is even a record function that allows students to record their own pronunciations and have them evaluated for accuracy.

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Math Champ Challenge

Math Champ Challenge

This app is designed for students in grades 4-7 and is aligned with the mathematical Common Core State Standards. It was made to help strengthen understanding of these standards through over 2,500 questions that are based off the standards. At the end of an activity it gives the student instant feedback and suggestions for more practice. The student has the choice of skills to practice and level of difficulty.

There are two different components to this app which are skill builder and game center. In skill builder students are able to practice their math skills in a non-game version. This takes the pressure off of the activities and allows students to focus strictly on improving their skills. They are able to select specific skills and work through them at their own pace. The game center allows students to compete with other students from all over the world through the app. This part of the app is more fast paced and allows students to use their skills to gain badges as rewards. Each game is different and contains questions covering different standards. 

Price: $2.99


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iTooch is a free app that has "more than 18,000 excercises" based off of the National Common Core Standards. Covering Math, ELA, and Science, students will get practice in all areas that state testing covers. There are different apps for Elementary, Middle School, and even a few specialty apps for English Second Language Students, and SAT practice!

Free to users, and downloadable on most any device, this app is very useful in a teachers toolbox. The state standard areas are divided by grade level and include a learn, practice, and test fucntion.Students are able to "create a user" to keep up with their scores if sharing the same device with multiple students such as multiple classes and a students each using a device in each class. Tests and Study Sessions are short but insightful helping keep the student focused. The bright colors, easy to use functions, and continuous encouragement from a function within the app that are sure to not bore your students.

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Subtext is a free digital reading app that you can download from the iTunes app store. It is compatible with iPhones and iPads. Subtext incorporates Common Core instruction and focuses on the importance of reading goals. It allows K-12 teachers to embed instruction in digital texts. Subtext supports ePub, PDF, Google Play, and web articles from their collection. This app also has a ‘Save to Subtext’ option. With Subtext, Students are better prepared to analyze the text, make real world connections, and articulate their thoughts. I would use this tool to help students to understand the importance of reading for a purpose.

How it works:

Teachers set up an account through the Subtext app. Then, teachers are able to create private groups to share content, differentiate instruction, and stay organized. After logging in, teachers are able to add digital reading content to carts, add discussions without internet connection, and restrict students’ access to the web. You can double tap a page and get every student on the same page; double tap any word in the text to view its definition. Lastly, you can paste tagged passages or annotations into Google Docs. 

Link to Subtext:

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Storia is a free app available for iPads. The Scholastic e-reader app is designed for kids with books that are embedded with questions, activities, and dictionary definitions. The download comes with five free books, but additional books can be purchased and added to a ‘bookshelf’. This app can be used to engage students of all ages and reading levels. I would use this app for students that finish their work early, as a reward for good behavior, and to help students with reading fluency. This is a great app to also broaden students’ vocabulary. Storia is a wonderful tool to help achieve learning outcomes of Common Core and State Standards for ELA.

How it works:

Students simply download and set up an account. Books can be downloaded and added to a ‘bookshelf’ to be saved for later. Storia is also available in a school edition that allows teachers to download up to 2,000 titles for every student for a school year.



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