Preschool Free Amazing Logic

"Preschool Free Amazing Logic" is a free app that was developed by education and child psychologist specialists. It helps to develop their intellectual abilities and differs in complexity according to their progress. It helps your child train memory, find, match, and organize, recognize animals and colors, form logic, increase perception, develop associative thinking, and improve attention.

How it works: All the items in this app are large enough to be easily grasped by a child's fingers, and there are not any complicated menus that children sometimes struggle with on other apps.

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Math, age 3-5

"Math, age 3-5" is a math app that allows students to focus on 10 core topics of math skills with over 80 activities.

How it works: It has a teacher figure that shows how the app works and how to use it. It uses progression and plenty of practice activities that increases the child's math skills. There is a quiz at the end of each topic to show your scores and progress.

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All Aboard the Dinosaur Train

All Aboard the Dinosaur Train is an interactive app that is designed for children ages 3 to 5. The app is based off the PBS television show Dinosaur Train. It costs $1.99 on ITunes but was featured forfree from PBS kids free app packet. The all aboard the dinosaur train is a simple game that enhancessimple math concepts through an interactive game. Some examples are matching, problem solving, and measurement skills. I plan on using the program as a review for simple math concepts. I used this as a reward for the children to encourage learning in my advanced students or students who need more assistance.


Here is how it works:


Children learn through playing the game. Children in one part of the game they use puzzle pieces to complete the train track around the obstacles and get other dinosaurs onto the train. The other part of the game the children can match the dinosaurs to the correct size the train car. Each level gets more complex and more dinosaurs to match to each train car. The reward for completing each level and they receive a reward train vest, pocket watch and conductor’s hat.

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Cyberchase 3D Builder

Cyberchase 3D Builder is an interactive app recommended for children ages 6-9. It is a 3D puzzle game featuring Buzz and Delete from Cyberchase. It costs $1.99 on ITunes but was featured for freefrom PBS kids free app packet. Cyberchase 3D builder is based on first and second grade math standards. The math concepts used are geometry, 2D and 3D shapes, matching, and spatial reasoning. Some examples include learning simple shapes, 3D shapes, and how shapes take up space. I plan on using this app to review math concepts of geometry, spatial reasoning and matching shapes. I used this as a reward for the children to encourage learning in my advanced students or students who need more assistance.


Here is how it works:


Children learn what 2D and 3D shapes are and the spatial reasoning. It helps them visualize and manipulate objects in space. There are eight levels to complete in the game. The game has different parts rebuild the neighborhood, construct a building, match the picture, shape challenge, and earn stars. The shapes start simple and then become more complex. Each child can create their own world with the shapes once they accomplish learning the simple shapes. Matching the picture is being able to match up each shape.

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Peg+Cat Big Gig

Peg + Cat Big Gig is an education app designed for ages 3-5. The children can make music with Peg and Cat and build your child’s math skills. Includes two musical games. Based on the PBS television show Peg + Cat. It costs $1.99 on ITunes but was featured for free from PBS kids free app packet. Peg + Cat uses musical instruments to create music and simple math skills counting up and down by ones and twos, adding one, and repeating patterns. I plan on using this program to go over simple math concepts and introduce music and instruments to students. I used this as an introduction to math concepts and musical techniques can be used for all student.

 Here is how it works:

Children learn math skills by learning and creating songs. The characters from the Peg + Cat show are featured. The student can play 12 different songs including the theme song. The free play section is where the students can create their own songs and music. The students can sing along to the songs they make. Using different math techniques adding one or repeating a pattern are used in making the music.

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Martha Speaks Word Spinner

Martha Speaks Word Spinner is an interactive app for children but also is family friendly can be played with family members. The age of children can be age 4 to 7. It costs $1.99 on ITunes but was featured for free from PBS kids free app packet. This app can be used in the classroom to introduce new words to students.Some examples are oral vocabulary skills and storytelling. I plan on using this app to increase my student’s higher frequency words. I would use it as a tool to give more opportunities to help students learn and hear more words they may not have seen before.


Here is how it works:


The app is setup as a board game and the object is to get to the doghouse to win. Along the way the players will spin a spinner to see how many spaces to go and then on the spinner there are mini games to play on each spinner space. Some mini game examples include bucket ball, name 5 things, story sounds, stuff sort, who am I? , and word connector. After each mini game they receive a dog bone with a new word on it and hear the definition of the word.  You can see examples from screen shots below.

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Wild Kratts Creature Math

Wild Kratts Creature Math is an interactive app recommended for children ages 6-8.  It is based on a PBS television show Wild Kratts. It costs $1.99 on ITunes but was featured for free from PBS kids free app packet. Wild Kratts Creature Math can be used to help teach math concepts of addition and subtraction through an interactive game. Some examples include, learning foundational concepts, formative assessment, and learning about related math to science concepts. I plan on using this program to review addition and subtraction to help them build on this concept in the future. I used this as a reward for the children to encourage learning in my advanced students or students who need more assistance. 

Here is how it works:


Children learn to protect their own wildlife sanctuary by practicing addition and subtraction to gain resources for their Creature Pals. The app can help children learn through being engaged in taking care of the animals. The game will adjust the math problems if the student is getting them all correct. Four individual profiles can be saved the progress of each individual game. It can give the students the ability to feed and take care of animals.

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StudyBlue is a free app that allows teachers to create flash cards, study guides, and quizzes for students, with the option of adding audio and video. The possiblities are endless with this. This is something that could be used in class, as well as provide extra help for students outide of class.

Students can also create and share their own flashcards. It remembers where you left off, so you can pick it up right where you left off. Students can quiz themselves, track progress, and set reminders. Additionally, the mode of study can be changed from flipping flash cards to review sheets. Students can collaborate with each other inside the app through discussions, questions, sharing flashcards and other materials.  The app also allows you to search for related user generated content. There are some paid features within the app, but there is a free membership available.

Once you create a free account, login and either enter the class or subject information. Then you can begin creating content and sharing with students. It also allows you to link it to a specific school, so you can connect with other classrooms within the app.

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Booksource is a free app and website that allows teachers to organize their classroom libraries. You can input the title, author, ISBN, and number of copies, as well as a photo of the book. There are two pages—a teacher page to organize the texts and a student page where students can check out and return books. Pages can also be password protected.

You also have access to a page of suggestions for your library, and you can purchase these books directly through the website/app. You also have the ability to manage students and view reports. Reports include student checkout history by reading levels (AR, Lexile, Guided Reading), as well as the book distribution by reading level, fiction, or nonfiction. It also tells you what books are currently checked out.

First, you’ll need to create a free account. Once you are logged in, you can begin entering books into your library. You can input manually, scan the book using your phone, or import from Excel. Once entered, you can also export this information to Excel. You can manage the columns displayed, so that you can only see the information that is important to you. Overall, this is a great way for teachers to organize and maximize their personal classroom libraries for students.

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Little Bird Tales

Little Bird Tales is an app that allows students to create their own digital story. It’s easy to navigate, which makes it great for even the youngest children. The accompanying website can be used to upload stories, share photos, write journals, and further learn about digital storytelling. Additionally, once uploaded to the website, you can share your story, embed, create PDFs and MP4s. The website also offers user uploaded lesson plans and Common Core templates.

One downside is that the app isn’t free. It costs $2.99 in the App Store, but honestly the possibilities are endless and it’s a great way to incorporate technology into the classroom. It can be used with all types of assignments—from documenting science experiments to having students create their own personal stories. Parents can also use it to record family memories and events in albums. This is definitely a great multipurpose tool that can be used by kids and adults alike.

Once you’ve purchased the app and created an account, you’re ready to get started! You can create a title, can add text, and upload photos. Best of all, you can record your own audio as well as create original artwork in the app’s art pad. You can then preview your story and upload it to the website to share with others. 

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Little Bird Tales Example Video



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