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Blubbr is a free and incredibly useful app that allows teachers to create video trivia games. These trivia games could be used for a myriad of applications in the classroom. Some examples include, work for early finishers, pre-assessments, acquiring foundational knowledge, assessment review, and friendly academic competition. In my classroom, I use this program to help my students understand key concepts that are needed for skill acquisition. I have also used this to incentivize some of my "harder to motivate" students by giving them an opportunity to "play" games after they have successfully completed their work. 

Here's how it works:

They refer to them as "trivs." The trivs are created by "clipping" YouTube videos on any topic and creating a multiple choice quiz about the clip. The process is simple, you title your triv, you search for your video, you crop the selection of the video that you want to use, you write your questions with four possible answers. Once you are finished you can embed the Blubbr player on your website or send out a link to your students. 


Posted on October 8, 2014 and filed under Flipped Classroom, Video Based Instruction.